Services Offered by the Elementary Guidance Department


Counseling services in each elementary school are varied and tailored to meet the needs of our student population. The services include the following:


  • Individual student counseling:  Short term, specific and usually addresses school-related issues.  Students may be referred by the classroom teacher, I&RS committee, parents, and the principal.
  • Small group counseling/conflict resolution:  provided when needed to resolve conflicts and address social skills.       
  • Guidance classes:  Conducted on all levels (K-1) throughout the school year.  The specific issues addressed deal with character education, conflict resolution, bullying and harassment, and career awareness.
  • Member of the I&RS/504 committee
  • Member of the Building Crisis Management Team
  • School Anti-Bullying Specialist and organize anti-bullying programs and assemblies
  • Chair of the School Climate Committee
  • Referrals to Outside Agencies: Updated lists and information are maintained for the convenience of our students and parents of appropriate outside and/or community agencies, including scouts and recreational activities
  • Provide risk assessment evaluations