Guidance Classes

Guidance classes are an integral part of the character education program in both Willow Grove and Hatchery Hill Schools. Guidance classes are conducted by the elementary school counselor throughout the school year. The classes are 40-45 minutes in length for a period of 4 to 11 weeks, depending on grade level. The classes are developmental and proactive, focusing on character education, conflict resolution, harassment, kindness and bullying. 
Grade 1 students will engage in a study of what constitutes bullying by discussing the following:
Don't Call Me Names
Part 1:  Name Calling Hurts
Part 2:  Why People Call Names
Part 3:  Say How You Feel
Part 4:  Pretend Not to Hear
See a Bully!  Stop a Bully!
Part 1:  How to Recognize a Bully
Part 2:  How Bullies Make Other Kids Feel
Part 3:  How Other Kids Feel About Bullies
Think About Others: What It Means to be Considerate
Part 1: What If That Was Me?
Part 2: Can I Help You?
Part 3: Feel Good About Yourself: Be Considerate 
Kindergarten will begin their study of teasing by discussing:
Stop Teasing Me!
Students will be introduced to what is meant by teasing and how it affects others.
Share Your Feelings:  Use Your Words
These lessons are designed to show Kindergarten students the importance of using their words to tell others how they feel.