Hatchery Hill Elementary Physical Education

Learning at Home - Physical Education Activities
Below is the last physical education video for the 2019-2020 school year!  This video is a review of the year and contains all the names of the award winners for the pacer test and the long rope jump. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!  
I wish everyone a wonderful summer and I hope to see you all in September!!! 
Pacer Test Award Winners
Miss Arbolino's class: Caitlyn Taylor-33/Samuel Chodkewicz-47
Miss Wilbur's class: Brittany Buezo Rubio-36/Kemper Binns-60
Mrs. Ginder's class: Addilyn Wade-24/Dean Tufford-36
Mrs. Baryiewski's class: Fatima Sahovic-35/Nicholas Colina Ponce-31
Mrs. Lobby's class: Emma From-33/George Giron-41
Mrs. Kolbusch's class: Grae Broking-35/Alexander Defisher-44
Mrs. Armstrong: Itzabella Ruiz Torres-42/Chase Marold-58
Mrs. Martin: Lindsey Carney-68/Andrew Bustos-42
Mrs. Kurilla: Stella Grzywacz-51/Kai Kortright-63
Mrs. Vass: Leanne Mancio-35/Marco Hernandez-41
Miss Maternick: Maisy Flynn-41/Grayson Otero-62
Miss Kennedy: Brynn McDonagh and Isabella Murphy-45/Nolan Abatte-42
Long Rope Award Winners
Jack Norton-24
Fatima Sahovic-48
Gabriella Rapuzzi-38
Jenna Hirsch-28
Addilyn Wade-24
Grae Broking-38
Chase Marold-24
Hailey Rey-Rivera-47
Kai Kortright-94
Marco Hernandez-100
Grayson Otero-102
Nolan Abatte-69
Stay safe and healthy!
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