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“Having a child with special needs my son truly benefited both socially and academically from the Tiger Pride Preschool program. The caring and nurturing staff helped to develop and maintain structure, routine and an early love for education. My son shows enthusiasm and excitement when he learns today is a school day. I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity and do believe the Preschool team has prepared my son academically for kindergarten. As an educator I am a strong supporter of having a preschool program within the school district to successful prepare our children for kindergarten.”
“Our daughter would be lost without Hatchery Hill preschool. She has thrived so much being in preschool including all the teachers going above and beyond in the classroom. We recently moved to the area and our daughter was in 2 other school prior, but Hatchery prek/Hackettstown made us feel completely at ease. Our daughter gets PT and OT services weekly and has been able to start writing her name, recognizing her letters, jump, and developing her core which includes using her knees to run. All these sound minor, but for a 4 year old who was born 3 months early, these are milestone miracles that Hatchery/Hackettstown made possible”
“We have nothing but wonderful things to say about The Tiger Pride Preschool team. Their dedication, nurturing ways, knowledge, creative ways, experience and abilities to handle challenging new situations goes to show how much they are willing to go above and beyond for each of their students. As parents we are a part of the team. We feel heard, respected and our input is considered at all times. For it to be a new program, the way the teachers have gone the extra mile to make it a seamless transition for the students throughout this pandemic, demonstrate their dedication as educators. We are beyond grateful and words can not express enough the positive impact each have had on [our son's] educational growth, his life and us as parents. You could not have picked a better team, like the the one you already have in place. I would recommend this program to every parent that wants to have their children be in an environment full of love, positive energy, an abundance of knowledge, open minded to new ideas and input flexible enough to incorporate change. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are all simply AMAZING.”

“My son started the preschool program in September a shy, timid child who spoke very few words. In just a few short months he has come out of his shell, is speaking in full sentences and has tons of friends. I am forever thankful to his teacher and the entire preschool team for ensuring our children are learning essential curriculum to have them ready for Kindergarten. I also adore the fact that they are a big part of the big school community. Between all of this and the inclusion portion of the program which is essential for all students in our community, I truly feel the tiny tigers preschool is the strongest option for all preschool children in our area.”