School Closing Plans

Dear parents,

Thursday is Spanish Day!

Please have your child watch the video for today's date. after watching the video, practice the vocabulary words in Quizlet. Complete the practice activities and take the test. Make sure to share your child's grade with me through an email.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Señora Milo

Activities for the first two weeks of school closing:
Flashcards were created for my Hatchery Hill and Willow Grove Students
Make sure to select full screen and play audio for pronunciation!
KDG: for the week of 4/6/20
1st Grade: for the week of 4/6/20
KDG: for the week of 3/30/20
1st Grade: for the week of 3/30/20
**********I AM VERY PROUD OF MY STUDENTS!!!!!********
Today I got an e-mail from quizlet announcing that I had lost my first place Match score by 7.8 seconds.  Keep practicing because I am ready to take back my spot on the leaderboard!!!!
Familias hispanohablantes: 4/6/20
Familias hispanohablantes: 6/11/20
Kdg 6/11/20
1st Grade 6/11/20
Kdg 6/4/20
1st Grade 6/4/20
Familias hispanohablantes: 28/5/20
Kdg 5/28/20
1st Grade 5/28/20
Quizlet 5/28/20
Familias hispanohablantes: 5/21/20
Kdg 5/21/20
1st Grade 5/21/20
QUIZLET 5/21/20
Kdg 5/14/20
1st Grade 5/14/20
Familias hispanohablantes: 5/14/20
Familias hispanohablantes: 5/7/20
Kinderrgarten 5/7/20
Quizlet: Vocab Practice
1st Grade 5/7/20
Quizlet: Vocab/Practice