Week of Respect

Week of Respect (October 4 , 2021 - October 8, 2021): The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (P.L.2010, c.122) requires that the week beginning with the first Monday in October of each year be designated as a “Week of Respect” in New Jersey.  School districts and charter schools, in order to recognize the importance of character education, are required to observe the week by providing age-appropriate instruction focusing on preventing harassment, intimation or bullying (HIB).
To recognize this special week, Hatchery Hill held school-wide activities about respect:
  • Students and staff had Spirit Days during the week.


  • The whole school worked on an activity called, “Ingredients of Respect.” Mrs. Rodriguez gave teachers tools for cooking and they worked with students to give examples on how respect can be shown.


  • Every morning that week, students said announcements focused on spreading kindness and showing respect.


  • Teachers taught lessons on respect in their classrooms.

  • At home, parents were encouraged to teach their children to spread kindness and respect. Parents were encouraged to talk to their your child about how kindness looks like and sounds like at home. It’s a fun way to get involved.